13u - nys registration


Step 1 - Click Here to go to the NYS West Valley Tackle Registration page

Step 2 - Select "fall West Valley 11man Tackle" from the drop-down menu

Step 3 - Select the radio button left of 11 Man Football

Step 4 - Select "major(13U)" from the 11 Man Football drop-down menu

Step 5 - Fill in your Athlete's information

Step 6 - The closest public high school is "Canyon View High School"

Step 7 - Fill in the rest of your information

Step 8 - Coach Request is "jesse ornelas"

Step 9 - Friend Request is "Jayson burkhard"

Step 10 - Click "I accept...proceed to payment processing"

All Athletes must be registered and in good standing with Junior Jaguars Football in order to be eligible to play on game day regardless of NYS registration status.