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It is imperative that Athletes always prepare for and are well conditioned for the sport they are participating in.  Athletes should follow proper nutrition guidelines for their sport and engage in proper strength training exercises under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian or certified coach and trainer.  

off season training that we offer: 

Strength Training


skill position training

Training is focused on developing the Athlete's ability to generate force, accelerate quickly, decelerate quickly, and change direction during plays with maximum intensity.  Workout sessions and position specific skill development exercises will be administered over the course of the following seasons:

  • Off-Season I (Winter) -  Hypertrophy/basic strength

  • Off-Season II (Spring) -  strength/Power/speed

  • Pre-Season (Summer) -  strength/power/speed/conditioning

  • In-Season (Fall) -  maintenance

Iron Jaguars will have the opportunity to accumulate a maximum of 70 points after testing for strength, power, speed, and conditioning.  Tests are based on relative (skill & hybrid Athletes) and absolute (linemen) strength, are exercise specific, and will be administered periodically.  Initial target goals should be:

  • Squat and Deadlift 2x Body Weight

  • Bench Press 1.5x Body Weight

  • Front Squat 70% Max Squat Weight

  • Power Clean 60% Max Deadlift Weight

Earn up to 5 points per exercise per test

  • 5 points - College Level

  • 4 Points - High School Level (Exceptional)

  • 3 Points - High School (Good)

  • 2 Points - High School (Average)

  • 1 Point - High School (Minimum)

Iron jaguars can receive bonus points for good character, good grades, and community service.

Iron Jaguars will become Iron Jaguar Certified when they achieve 57 points.

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  • Iron Jaguar Training

    Every month
    Ages 11+
    • Strength Training
    • Speed & Agility Training
    • Conditioning
    • Mon/Wed 6pm-8pm
  • Iron Jaguar Speed and Conditioning

    Every month
    Ages 8+
    • Speed & Agility Training
    • Mon/Wed 7pm
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