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What are the age cut-off dates?

The age cut-off date for tackle football is July 31.  For example, if an Athlete turns 14 after July 31, then that Athlete can still play on our 13U tackle team.


Do you offer a discount for multi-athlete families?

Yes.  Email us to make special payment arrangements at:

Do you offer a military or first responder discount?


Yes.  We offer a 10% discount to all Active Duty Service Members, Veterans, First Responders, and Front Line Workers.  Email us to make special payment arrangements at:


What is included in the tackle uniform package?


Registered Athletes will receive a uniform package that includes home and away game uniforms, a duffel bag, a white practice jersey, a black practice jersey, a light pair of socks, a dark pair of socks, and a 7-pad girdle.

Is there a sizing kit available?

We have a tackle uniform sizing kit available and will fit athletes by appointment.

What does the registration fee cover?


registration fees cover, but are not limited to, business expenses such as insurance costs, facility use fees, subscription services, and service fees.

What league is Junior Jaguars Football affiliated with?

Junior Jaguars Football participates in the National Youth Sports (NYS) league.  Registered Athletes and their families will be informed about league registration fees, when they are due, and how to register.


Does Junior Jaguars Football have adequate insurance coverage?



Why do you call Junior Jaguars Football participants Athletes?


Athletes play football.  Athletes also play other sports.  Athletes are athletic.  Athletes always prepare for and are well conditioned for the sport they are participating in.  Athletes follow proper nutrition guidelines for their sport and engage in proper strength training exercises under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian or certified coach and trainer.  Athletes seek out specialized training for their sport away from team practices, and actually acquire the skills and abilities necessary to play their sport better than their competition.

What is required to participate in Junior Jaguars Tackle Football?

Athletes who wish to participate in Junior Jaguars Tackle Football must be willing and able to fully participate in tackle football practices with the required equipment, and possibly play in un-weighted tackle football games.  Athletes must be registered with both the Junior Jaguars Football organization and the league in which Junior Jaguars Football is a member of.  Registrations are not complete until all fees are paid in full.  Athletes may NOT, under any circumstances participate in practices or games prior to completing and paying for Junior Jaguars Football registration.

What equipment is required to play Junior Jaguars Tackle Football?

Athletes are required to have a white helmet with Jaguar decals (decals are included with registration), a black face mask, shoulder pads, black or white football practice pants, a mouth guard, and football cleats.  Practice jerseys are included in the uniform package, and Athletes are required to wear the correct color practice jersey to practice which will be determined by the head coach.

Where can I buy football equipment?


We recommend you start at Sunvalco Athletic Supply They sell football equipment and send helmets off to Riddell for painting and reconditioning.  Universal Athletic sells new football equipment only.  Play It Again Sports sometimes has new and used football equipment available for sale however, you may not find everything you need.  Amazon sells and delivers football equipment.  Other sporting goods stores such as Dick's or Big 5 sell football equipment as well. 

Where will practices be held?

Practices will be held at Canyon View High School Monday through Thursday from 6-8pm.  Map it >


Where will home games be played?

Home games will be played in Jaguar Stadium at Canyon View High School during the regular season.  Map it >

Playoff games will be held at a neutral site yet to be announced.


How will communications be handled?

We will use several methods to communicate with Junior Jaguars Football households and the community such as telephone calls, text messaging, email, website postings, Instagram postings, Facebook postings, newsletters, parent team meetings online or in person, and through the use of the app Remind.   


How is playing time determined?

Behavior, athleticism, punctuality, focus, attitude, aptitude, experience, skill, size, speed, strength, academic performance, commitment, work ethic, leadership, determination, coachability, football acumen, favorable results in practice, favorable results in games, likability, sacrifice, team play, competitiveness, and executing assignments in practice and in games are just some of the considerations.  Coaches will play eligible Athletes that give the team the best chance of winning scheduled football games.  Substitutions at practice and in games are left up to the sole discretion of the coaches.


Is participation in Junior Jaguars Football different than playing Junior Jaguars Football?

Yes.  Participation includes team events, practice, and possibly playing in scheduled football games.  Registered athletes are expected to fully participate in Junior Jaguars Football for the betterment of the team and themselves.  Paying registration fees, coming to every practice, talking to coaches, and paying trainers and coaches outside of Junior Jaguars Football to work with Athletes does not guarantee every Athlete will play Junior Jaguar Football.  Athletes are expected to participate.  Athletes are expected to compete for playing time.  Playing time is earned.



If you have a question we have not answered, you should contact us immediately via email at:

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