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Junior Jaguars Football is a physically demanding and very competitive program.  Maximum effort, teamwork, and sportsmanship are required.

Coaches and staff will create an environment in which Athletes will experience development and growth academically, athletically, and spiritually.

Teammates, parents, school faculty, trainers, and the community are all invested, and are expected to play a supporting role.


Championship Football

Total commitment is needed and expected.  This commitment comes at a high cost.  Success is achieved through hard work and sacrifice.  Academia and sports related activities that prepare Athletes for tackle football must take priority above all other social activities.  Attendance is mandatory in the school classroom, on the practice field, at games, at parent team meetings, and at team related activities.  Decisions made outside of the classroom, away from the practice field, and in the off-season determine the level of commitment.  Selfishness is not permitted.  Make choices that benefit the team.



Winning is an attitude.  Study, prepare, practice, and play with winning in mind.  Participation in Junior Jaguars Football requires a winning attitude.  This attitude will carry us through disappointment at times and will help us maintain our composure in the face of adversity.


Fundamentals are the cornerstone of Junior Jaguars Football.  We must all do our jobs, be prepared, and consider the smallest details.  Knowing and understanding blocking assignments along with proper tackling technique is required.

Dominating the opponent physically is also an attitude.  Off-season training and/or participating in other sports is expected and will keep Athletes conditioned.  Utilizing practice time to develop mentally and physically tough Athletes in order to keep attacking an opponent and pursuing an opponent in a football game until the game is over is required.



Defense wins championships.  A swarming defense that prevents an opponent from scoring, and one that creates turnovers can shred all hope from an opposing team.  Junior Jaguars Football Athletes must always attack and/or pursue offensive opponents with reckless abandon.   Athletes are required to fly to the football, make tackles, attempt to strip the ball from ball carriers, and attempt to intercept passes on every defensive snap.



Offense wins games.  Every offensive play is designed to score points.  Junior Jaguars Football Coaches and Athletes will use field position as an advantage.  It is absolutely necessary to score on the opponent’s goal line, and to move the ball away from our goal line.  The Junior Jaguars offense will take what the defense gives them, play fast and up tempo, establish a power running game, pass with precision, manage the game clock, minimize mistakes, and continue to an attack an opponent’s defense and score points until the end of the game.


Special Teams

Special Teams require as much attention as offense or defense.  Athletes who are on Special Teams are considered starters.  Junior Jaguars Football Special Teams will manage field position.



Teamwork is achieved when Athletes make personal sacrifices to work together for the betterment of the team.  Junior Jaguars Football Athletes are expected to know, accept, and own their roles on their teams unconditionally.  Not everyone can be a starter.  Coaches will assign roles.  All Athletes are required to work towards a starting role. 


Behavior, academic performance, athleticism, attendance, punctuality, focus, attitude, aptitude, experience, skill, size, speed, strength, commitment, work ethic, leadership, determination, coachability, football acumen, favorable results in practice, favorable results in games, likability, sacrifice, team play, competitiveness, and executing assignments in practice and in games are just some of the considerations Coaches will make when assigning Athletes roles on the teams.  On game days, Coaches will play eligible Athletes that give the team the best chance of winning.  Substitutions at practice and in games are left up to the sole discretion of the Coaches.



Effective 11/25/2019

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